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As you know, our heart at Africa4God is to share the Gospel and to create disciples of Jesus Christ. We want everyone to know the great love of God. We want them to personally witness His forgiveness and power working in their lives. Every day, we come into contact with many different people in the ministries God has given us. The story below is Anthony’s, a man who we are blessed to know and call our brother. We feel the Lord calling us to come alongside of him now and to bring his story to you as well. South Sudan suffered for many years at the hands of the northern Islamic government. Religious persecution and gross human rights violations were a part of everyday life for many. And yet, God would use these circumstances to further the Gospel and reach areas that had not yet been impacted by the Word of God. One such place is a tiny village close to the Ugandan border called Palwar. Palwar is beautiful, surrounded by mountains. It looks like something straight out of the jungle book, a very lush and fertile land. At the height of the war, people had to flee from this land. Most took refuge in camps in Uganda. Among them was a man named Anthony. He and his wife Rose, their children, and some nieces and nephews went into exile in 1993. Anthony was a drunkard. He used to beat his wife. He was lost and utterly hopeless. Once they arrived in Uganda, missionaries and evangelists would come to witness to him and his family. Many times he turned them down and sent them away, but slowly the Lord was softening his heart, breaking down his defenses. One day in 1996 the Lord showed Himself to be real and Anthony surrendered his heart to Jesus. Afterwards his family started to follow the Lord. Anthony had a passion for Jesus and the lost and shortly after getting saved he began to serve as an evangelist. In 1999 he started pastoring a church, and in 2001 he went to a theological college for three years. When things calmed down in South Sudan people began to return to their villages and rebuild their lives. Anthony and Rose returned to Palwar. In 2008 they planted a church there. In 2009, they constructed a local hut with a grass roof for a church building. The church members pitch in what little they have every year to try to repair the building and the roof. They come faithfully to share from the Word and grow in the Lord. Anthony’s heart is to raise up men to continue the works of faith. His vision is to serve as an indigenous missionary, and to see an extension of the church in neighboring villages through discipleship programs with the men. Anthony is Otto Joseph Ben’s uncle, and it is because of his influence that Joseph came to know the Lord and see what a godly man looks like. When Joseph and I (Erica) went to visit his village last December, I had the privilege of getting to know Anthony and Rose. I saw firsthand their commitment to the Lord, to one another, and to their community. I also saw their dilapidated church building, and my heart was stirred to help them. In the year to come we will be taking several trips to Palwar to do women’s conferences, VBS programs, and men’s Bible studies. We also hope to provide Anthony with an mp3 player which will have verse-by-verse teachings through the Bible so that he can learn more about the Word and share with others even more effectively. Additionally, we would like to pay to construct a church building for AIC Palwar so that they can worship without being rained on. This will also alleviate the stress of wondering how they will pay for their roof and repairs each passing year. We are attempting to raise $10,000.00 for this project, which will include everything to construct a simple and yet solid church structure. I’m so amazed how the Lord used the war to reach the remote village of Palwar with the Gospel. I’m blessed that Anthony accepted the call and has sacrificed much in order to share the Gospel and impact his community with the love of Christ. Please remember their family in your prayers. If you would like to help repair/renovate a church building in this remote village in South Sudan, you can do so by mail with “Anthony” or “Church Renovation Project” in the memo field to: PO Box 844 Glenham NY 12527. Or donate online.
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