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Africa 4 God
Northern Uganda has seen vast devastation and hopelessness. During their cowardice days of destruction, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) Rebels abducted small children, forcing them to be soldiers. They would force the young girls to be their wives and bear their children. They set out with a goal to destroy the government, but instead they wrecked havoc on the Acholi people, their own people. They would chop off limbs, murder parents in front of their children, and even force people to kill their own families and friends. They reigned by terror, living in the bush, attacking villages and pilfering for food. Now the violence has subsided and finally there is a sense of peace in this land, at least for now. As the dust has settled from the 21 year war, what remains are lives that are ravaged by poverty and disease, a people who are desperate for relief. They are desperate for hope. Jesus is the only hope for these people who have lost family members, who have been forced to kill, who have been maimed and left for dead. Jesus can offer them eternal life and victory over their pain for this life and the next. The people of Kitgum do not have to be victims any longer, Jesus came to set them free, and when they discover this truth they will be more than conquerors.



Kitgum, Northern Uganda For more information on the LRA, check out the links below:
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