A4G Final Newsletter


Tears well up in my eyes as I type this newsletter.


Seven years ago, I answered God’s call to start a ministry that would continue the work in Northern Uganda that I had been involved with since 2006. It was His ministry, and I was simply walking forward in obedience to the vision that He had planted in my heart. Along with an amazing team, I moved forward and Africa4God was formed. What God has done in the last seven years has been miraculous, beautiful, and redemptive. He moved in ways that we didn’t expect. Along the way there were many bumps, some confusions, and lots of heartache. But through it all, God accomplished His work in His way. It’s always been His. Through various ministers on the field both short and long term, there are at least hundreds (perhaps many more) who know and follow Jesus. Women learned how to read and write, how to teach the Bible, and were able to support their families. They are impacting their villages greatly. Prisoners received freedom even while in chains. Some were released to remote villages that wouldn’t have been reached otherwise. Some remain lights in that dark place behind those prison walls. Orphans were cared for, discipled, played with and fed. Disabled individuals were taken care of. Church and village ministry plants continue strong to this day. Young men were discipled and raised up to do great things. School and youth ministries, outreaches, hospital visits, and life-saving medical care have all been part of what God has done through each of us. Yes, through you who have labored alongside of us in your prayers, you have been just as important. For those who have given financially, you made these things possible. For everyone who encouraged me and the team when we were discouraged, who sent cards throughout the years, who invested in us, who welcomed us to share in your congregations and groups- you have been the hands and feet of Jesus in Northern Uganda.


In January, as you know, we were victims of a home invasion in Uganda. The aftermath of that event was trauma, loss, and heartache. Robb and I came to America for a time of healing and restoration. I anticipated that it would take about 3 months at the most. That was nine months ago. It turns out that I was suffering from PTSD, not just from the home invasion, but many other events that have taken place the last 11-12 years that I have been on the mission field. I required much more healing than I knew, and God faithfully has given it to me. Robb and I have never had the chance to prioritize our marriage. We got married in Kitgum and have been running ever since. God has made it clear that it is time to prioritize our family for a while. Africa4God is going to close as an organization. We intend to find a way to support the local team on the ground, along with Mercy and Ben at Tender Trust Orphanage. This does not mean that we have failed. Quite the opposite. It means that this is a new season for us as a family, but not an end. My heart still burns for Kitgum. It has been my home for a long time. It will not be easy to be in the US and try to build a life here for a time; but God doesn’t promise us easy. He promises that He will do His work in us and through us, wherever we are, as long as we remain submitted to Him. So we will be missionaries in the US, working jobs and seeking what He has for us in the future. We are currently working on Robb’s green card process. Once we finish that, we will be able to move forward with Brian’s adoption. This has been a time of grief for me, but also peace in knowing that God has a good plan. He knows what He’s doing. He will continue to do His Work in Northern Uganda. He doesn’t need to do it under the name “Africa4God”. He will continue to do His work through each of us, wherever and whenever we are available to Him.


Saying “thank you” seems so small, but it’s all that I can say. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your labors of love alongside of us. Thank you for every prayer, every tear, every penny sacrificed for this great work. Great is your reward in Heaven. We love you and pray that God will continue to guide and direct each one of you!


In Christ,



On behalf of Robb, Erica and the rest of the team



All remaining donations will be used towards the closure of the ministry. We want to assure you that we intend to use our remaining donations and assets in a way that honors the donor intent when they were given. We want to see any remaining funds used to support ministry in action in Northern Uganda. We can’t think of any better ministry to support than Tender Trust Orphanage. After closure, all remaining funds will be donated to the Tender Trust orphanage to care for the orphans. The land and vehicle will either be donated to Tender Trust orphanage or sold at fair market value and the funds then given to the orphanage.


You are welcome to cease donations at any time, but we will formally stop receiving donations on November 15, 2018.

If you have any questions please contact us at Marie@Africa4God.org


Africa 4 God
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